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Rosa Fairfield United Kingdom

“I have finally found the world in which I belong. I really love this industry and I don’t want to live on my parents’ sofa anymore… I want a life of my own.”

A British style and travel blogger, actress and new designer from the Black Country in Dudley, England, Rosa Fairfield loves to tell stories through her clothes and her photographs: She’s the bright yellow stiletto-wearing girl in a school of trainers and tracksuit bottom-wearing students that made her not “fit in”. Her mom and grandmother taught her how to sew and at a very young age Rosa designed her own clothes to enter and win two design competitions. However, being in a performing arts school, she never really knew fashion was a career option. Only when she got a theater internship in the U.S. was she able to reconnect with her passion for fashion when she was assigned to the costume department. Since returning to the U.K., Rosa has launched a fashion blog and is currently working on a fashion label.